Best Candy Subscription Boxes

UPDATED May. 2024

Life tastes so much better if you take it with a spoonful of sugar. So, whenever life gives you lemons, just make some lemonade, counterbalance it with a bowl of candy, and make every sour moment go sweet in an instant.

However, it would be foolish to settle for just any kind of candy. Your candy stash should always be brimming with the best treats and we are here to make candy shopping easier than ever. Before you is a chest full of treasures, otherwise known as our top 10 list of the best candy subscription boxes in the country and probably the world. is an independent website supported by referral fees of certain sites ranked on this site. Our site receives compensation from some of the subscription box sites whose products we present here. Compensation we receive impacts the ranking of the products. Other factors such as quality of the products, our own opinions etc. may impact the ranking as well. Top10SubscriptionBoxes cannot and does not present information about every subscription box available for purchase. Close
Candy Club boasts a truly impressive selection of premium-quality sweets. With its lovely candy subscription boxes, you can have your favorite candy delivered to your doorstep every month.
  • Get great recommendations and design your own subscription
  • Up to 50% lower prices in comparison to premium candy stores
  • Save money on your boxes by opting for longer subscriptions
With Old Time Candy, you can relive the best memories of your childhood, thanks to its wonderful candy from the past decades. Try pre-1920s candy or revisit the old favorites from the 1990s.
  • The best candy of the 20th century delivered to your doorstep
  • Browse candy by type, decade, and flavor or opt for gift boxes
  • Numerous creative and delicious gifts for candy lovers of all ages
Taste Trunk brings you amazing subscription boxes with delicious items made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Choose the candy boxes you like the most and create your custom subscription.
  • Around 30 subscription boxes for various tastes and occasions
  • Hand-pick the items in the store and create your custom box
  • A variety of great wedding, corporate, and gourmet gift boxes
Receive delicious artisan treats every month with Sweets GiftBox. The content of the boxes is a surprise and different every time. Discover the finest sweets with your candy subscription.
  • Get 4-5 exciting treats with every candy box you receive
  • Save some cash on your boxes with the rewards program
  • The subscription is flexible and comes with free shipping
Now you can get exclusive Hershey treats delivered straight to your door with Hershey Of The Month subscription boxes. Enjoying the finest Hershey sweets has never been more convenient!
  • Get the rarest Hershey candy that hasn’t been offered before
  • Purchase a subscription for yourself or a fellow Hershey lover
  • Chocolate gifts for birthdays, weddings, showers, and parties
OrangeGlad allows you to enjoy the finest, handmade desserts crafted by the best local artisan chefs from around the country. Subscribe for regular deliveries of the most decadent desserts.
  • Get 5-10 unique desserts handpicked by OrangeGlad experts
  • Discover new desserts and flavors with every box you receive
  • Excellent corporate gifts featuring the best gourmet desserts
Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box allows you to order delicious, mysterious candy whenever you want by just pushing a button. If you like surprises, this may be the most luscious one so far.
  • Order your Amazon Dash Button and just click to get candy
  • Receive surprise candy deliveries as often as you please
  • Get a full refund in case you are not completely satisfied
Every month, Treatsie brings the best gourmet treats straight to your doorstep. State your preferences and Treatsie will design a candy subscription box that perfectly matches your taste.
  • The finest candy from 3 different vendors in every shipment
  • Receive up to $25 or up to $50 worth of candy every month
  • Opt for Double Box and pay only around a half of the value
If you are in love with the Japanese culture, then Japan Crate subscription boxes may be a great choice for you. Enjoy the best exotic candy and manga-zines imported straight from Japan.
  • Get an exciting selection of sweets with the Japan Crate
  • Opt for the Doki Doki boxes and enjoy all things Kawaii
  • Enjoy flexible subscription and free shipping on all boxes
Bocandy subscription boxes take you on an exciting trip around the world with candy and snacks from every corner of the globe. Choose from 4 different subscriptions and discover new tastes.
  • Enjoy colorful vegan snacks that fit all your dietary needs
  • Cancel, skip or change your subscription whenever you want
  • Treat your friends and family with an excellent subscription

Ranking Criteria Explained

It is true that you do not need a Ph.D. in order to recognize good candy. However, discovering the best of the best, setting your own preferences aside, and keeping in mind the bigger picture is not as easy a task as it may seem. Therefore, when devising the ultimate list of the best candy subscription boxes on the market, we needed to come up with a set of objective criteria that had to be fulfilled.

It is not all about sugar, chocolate, and artificial flavorings. Really good candy is made with love and precision by artisans who have chocolate running through their veins. We put quality above all else while not underestimating the importance of quantity.

We also made sure that the companies featured on our list have something for nearly every taste, so no one has to suffer the disappointment of not finding their favorites in the companies’ offers. Last but not least, we wanted you to get the best candy at the best price.

Let us take a closer look at the amazing candy subscription boxes that made it to the top 10.


Candy Club


Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box

Have you ever dreamed about a magical button you could press and have delicious treats appear at your doorstep? We sure have and now with Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box, this dream has finally become a reality.

The first step of this Amazon adventure is purchasing your Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button – a super-cool Wi-Fi powered device that allows you to order a mystery box filled with sweets with a click of the button. Whenever you feel like indulging in a gorgeous selection of artisanal sweets, you just push the button and a surprise candy box appears at your doorstep in only two days. You can order as often as you wish, without any minimums or limitations.

Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box

The content of your candy subscription box is always a surprise. It is different every time and the products within the box are all unique. The candy you receive is freshly made in small batches by artisans who love their jobs. Amazon makes sure that you only get the best, high-quality treats. However, if you are not happy with your surprise candy, you can always get a refund.

Amazon’s surprise candy subscription boxes are truly affordable and they also come with free shipping. The Dash Button costs $4.99, but you get a 4.99 discount on your first order, so you basically get this magical button for free.

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Old Time Candy


Taste Trunk box

Taste Trunk brings you an impressive selection of nearly 30 carefully designed snack, spice, delicacy, and candy subscription boxes. The boxes are created with a variety of cravings in mind and you can order them individually or combine them any way you wish and create your own custom subscription.

The sweet subscriptions at your disposal are Cookie Monster, Sweet Tooth, Man’s Candy Box, Sweet Subscription, Death By Chocolate, Junk In The Trunk, and How Sweet It Is. However, Taste Trunk offers over a dozen of other subscription boxes, some savory and some spicy, so your choice is not limited to candy only. Apart from the delicious treats, you also get some nice bonuses, like chef-curated recipes perfect for each item in the box. Subscription periods range from 1 to 12 months.

Taste Trunk subscribe box

You can also build your custom box by hand-picking individual items from the Taste Trunk selection. In order to make browsing easier, the items are divided into 10 categories, including bakery goods, chocolate, healthy snacks, jams & spreads, sweet snacks, and more.

Taste Trunk also offers a variety of excellent gifts for different occasions, including gourmet gifts, corporate gifts, and gifts for weddings and events. You can also purchase chocolate gifts and gift boxes for the men in your life who deserve a treat.

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Taste Trunk


Old Time Candy subscribe box

Old Time Candy wants to bring back all of those sweet childhood memories and allow you to find out what candy used to taste like over a century ago. It is a true gem among candy subscription services and we were extremely excited to give it a try. It sure did not disappoint.

You have over 700 options to choose from, enough to make your head spin and mouth water. You can browse candy by decade, type, flavor, and occasion. In the Candy By Decade section, you can find pre-1920s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s candy. There are 10 distinct flavors and just as many candy types, including bubble gum, cotton candy, candy cigars and cigarettes, lollipops, candy drops and sticks, and more. You can buy candy for Father’s Day, birthdays, parties, graduation, and baseball and summer sweets, as well as thank-you and get-well-soon candy.

Old Time Candy box

All items in the Old Time Candy store are perfect gifts for family and friends of all ages. You can purchase special candy gifts, including decade gift boxes, personalized candy bar wrappers, lunch boxes with candy, and many other delightful and creative gifts.

Old Time Candy also allows you to buy candy in bulk or pack a bag filled with all of your favorites.

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Sweets GiftBox


Sweets GiftBox subscription box

Sweets GiftBox brings you the most decadent and delectable artisan treats packed in a lovely box and delivered straight to your doorstep. The content of each box you receive is a sweet, sweet surprise, with a new, exciting theme every month.

Every candy subscription box you get is filled with crunchy, chewy, fluffy, sweet-and-salty, and chocolaty treats. The items in the boxes are carefully picked and quite often, they are extremely hard to come by, so you may not have even heard of them before. That is why every box allows you to delve deeper into the wonderful world of sweets and discover something new and delicious every time.

Sweets GiftBox box

You get 4-5 yummy, top-quality treats per box at a rather low price and you can save more money on your boxes thanks to the excellent rewards program. When you sign up, renew your subscription, review a product or upload a photo, you get points that can be exchanged for new boxes. You also get $10 every time you successfully refer a friend.

Sweets GiftBox is extremely flexible and allows you to skip, cancel or even switch between subscriptions whenever you want. The boxes are shipped by the 15th of each month and shipping is free of charge.

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Hershey’s Store


Hersheys Store subscription box

Hershey’s is one of the most successful and beloved chocolate manufacturers in the US. Now you can have its gorgeous treats delivered to your door every month with its absolutely commitment-free and hassle-free Hershey Of The Month subscription.

Each month, Hershey’s candy subscription boxes feature a different treat from the company’s exclusive selection. Thanks to your subscription, you get the chance to discover completely new, rare Hershey candy that has never been offered before.

You can purchase Hershey Of The Month subscription for yourself or someone you care about. Either way, you get to enjoy maximum flexibility, as you can skip, cancel or change your subscription plan whenever you feel the need. There are no minimum subscription requirements.

Hershey Of The Month candy subscription boxes can serve as great instant gift solutions. Once you order your box, it is shipped within one business day, which makes it perfect for last-minute shopping, as well as unbearable cravings. If you are interested in finding gifts that are designed especially for a particular occasion, you can also take a look at Hershey’s excellent birthday, wedding, shower, and party gifts. Give the gift of chocolate to your loved ones and get some for yourself as well.

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OrangeGlad subscription box

OrangeGlad boasts a wonderful assortment of the finest artisanal desserts available with a subscription to everyone in the US who craves a bit of sweet luxury. All the desserts are handmade, unique, and created with much care by local artisan chefs.

The selection of sweets is crafted by chefs around the country, so you get to experience the full variety. Apart from the delicious treats, you also get interesting information on the artisans, so you can learn the story behind each item in your box. A monthly delivery includes 5 or 10 exclusive desserts, handpicked by the OrangeGlad team.

OrangeGlad box

You can choose between the Single Portion Box (5 items) and Double Portion Box (10 items). The subscriptions are billed monthly and renew automatically. You can skip or cancel whenever you want. The shipping costs are included in the price of the box.

If you want to share the pleasure of tasting the best artisanal desserts in the country with the people you care about, you can purchase the beautifully packaged boxes as gifts. Corporate gifts are also available. They feature the finest gourmet desserts, carefully wrapped, with a personal note from you included in the box.

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Surprise Sweets Box


Candy Club subscription box

Candy Club is a rainbow-colored heaven for all lovers of premium-quality, flamboyant, super-delicious chocolaty and fruity candy. You can give its amazing subscription boxes as a gift to someone you love or keep them all to yourself.

In an effort to provide you with the best possible treats that can make your taste buds dance, Candy Club offers you to take the most mouthwatering test ever, so it can get to know your preferences and recommend the perfect candy for you. You get to build your own candy subscription box based on Candy Club recommendations and other items in its store that you find irresistible.

Each candy subscription box you receive contains three scrumptious treats, plus a bonus candy splash for even greater enjoyment. You get to explore the company’s wonderful selection every month and discover your new favorite sweets. What is also amazing is that you get to save up to 50% in comparison to the prices at premium candy stores.

Candy Club box

The boxes are delivered monthly and your subscription automatically renews. You can choose between the monthly, six-month, and 12-month subscriptions. With longer subscriptions, you get to save up to $10 on each shipment. Although it is not that likely that you would get tired of Candy Club treats, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

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Treatsie subscription box

Treatsie offers a variety of delicious gourmet sweets combined into excellent subscription boxes delivered straight to your doorstep every month.  The choice and number of sweets in your box depend entirely on your preferences.

When signing up, you are asked to inform Treatsie about whether you like or dislike milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and coffee and espresso, so Treatsie can build your taste profile. Based on the profile, the company hand-picks the perfect treats for you. You also get to decide how much candy you wish to receive monthly. You can opt for the standard box or the double box, depending on your cravings.

Treatsie box

Every month, Treatsie features the best candy from 3 different vendors and packs them into your box. With the standard box, you get up to $25 worth of gourmet candy while you get up to $50 worth of delicious treats with the double box. If you opt for the larger box, you get your candy at a significantly lower price, paying only around half of what it is worth.

You can opt for the monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. Although the subscriptions are automatically renewed, they come with no strings attached. You can cancel whenever you wish.

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Japan Crate


Japan Crate subscription box

Japan Crate brings the spirit of Japan into your home with its amazing Japanese candy subscription boxes. You can choose between Doki Doki and Japan Crate and feel like you are in the bustling streets of Tokyo, with exotic Japanese candy and kawaii.

The Japanese candy subscription boxes you receive from Japan Crate let you learn more about the Japanese culture through the exciting tastes of sweets, manga-zine booklets featuring awesome manga comics, and translations that help you better understand each item in your box.

Japan Crates come in three sizes: Mini, Original, and Premium. They contain exclusive and mind-blowing Japanese candy, handpicked and imported straight from Japan. Doki Doki boxes contain all things Kawaii, for a regular does of Japanese cuteness. All Japan Crate subscription boxes are surprisingly affordable and every shipment is different, allowing you to explore the Japanese culture, lifestyle, and flavors to the fullest.

Japan Crate box

The crates are shipped during the first week of every month and shipping is free of charge within the US. International shipping is also available but comes with an additional fee. The subscriptions renew automatically. However, they come with no commitments and can be canceled at any time.

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Bocandy box

If you are still putting off your trip around the world, but crave something exotic and exciting right now, you can explore each of its corners from the comfort of your home with Bocandy subscription boxes. This company brings you candies and snacks from around the globe, most of which you have never seen or tasted before.

Bocandy subscription boxes come in 4 shapes and sizes. You can opt for the incredibly affordable Bocandy Starter box and receive 5-7 great snacks from around the world. This box offers you a perfect way to get to know the Bocandy selection and discover new flavors. Bocandy Big Snack box boasts even greater variety and includes rare imported and specialty snacks, drinks, and candy. Asian Candy Subscription box brings the flavors and aromas of Japan, South Korea, and other exotic Asian countries into your home. Finally, Bocandy also offers Craft Beef Jerky box containing 4 packages of premium beef jerky from all over the US.

Bocandy subscription box

If you want to give Bocandy a try, you can order a taste box and get free shipping on your order. You also get detailed information on every item, so you can learn more about what it is and where it came from. Each subscription can also be purchased as a gift. You can cancel your subscription whenever you wish.

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Some like them fruity, some like them chocolaty, some like them fluffy, and some like them crunchy, but it is hard to find a person on this planet who does not like candy. The candy subscription boxes featured on the list above are designed to delight the taste buds of nearly every candy lover. You can enjoy the rich, luxurious flavors of artisan sweets, taste candy from around the world, and simply drift away into the magical realm of flamboyant treats that make life better. Pick the one you like the most or give them all a shot and make every day the sweetest it can be. You deserve it.

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