Keto Delivered box
FROM: $39.99

Keto Delivered Review

Keto Delivered is a delivery service that brings you high-quality, artisan, keto-friendly food items every month. It allows you to easily adjust your snacking, drinking, and general eating habits to the keto diet and discover new keto products with every delivery. If you are looking to enrich your diet, be sure to see this Keto Delivered review.

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SensiBox box image
FROM: $12.50

SensiBox Review

SensiBox offers extraordinary weed subscription boxes designed to satisfy the needs of the ladies as well as the guys who want to enrich their smoking kits. Apart from offering For Her and For Him boxes, SensiBox also lets you choose between the Original and Toke packs. Find out what is inside the boxes and how much they cost in our SensiBox review.

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Dojabox box image
FROM: $15.00

Dojabox Review

Dojabox is a weed subscription box created by Cratejoy. It is designed for true cannaqueens who want more than just basic smoking items in their monthly boxes. Along with lighters, papers, glass, and treats, you also get the Doja playlist of the month and some awesome Mary-Jane recipes. Learn more about its subscription options in our Dojabox review.

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LitPact box image
FROM: $8.99

LitPact Review

LitPact is created by Cratejoy with the goal of providing all lovers of the herb with an easy way to get their smoking essentials, as well as some cool smoking gear. You can choose from 8 subscription options, each of them suited for different smoking needs and bringing you between 5 and 20+ items every month. Read our LitPact review to find out more.

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Puff Pack box image
FROM: $19.00

Puff Pack Review

Puff Pack weed subscription boxes are designed with different smoking needs in mind and if you do not find a box that suits your preferences, you can create a completely customized box of your own. The subscriptions start at only $1 per month and contain everything from papers and lighters to amazing glass. Read more in our honest Puff Pack review.

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FROM: $11.99

Hippie Butler Review

Hippie Butler is your personal shopper that takes care of all your smoking needs. From smoking essentials and accessories to premium-quality gear and glass, you can have it all discreetly delivered to your doorstep. The boxes are customized to suit your preferences, so you only get what you really need. See more details in our Hippie Butler review.

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Kush Cargo box image
FROM: $22.00

Kush Cargo Review

Kush Cargo allows you to choose from 3 distinct weed subscription boxes, designed for everyone from casual smokers to real weed aficionados. As a subscriber, you get your essentials and gear at prices much lower than in retail and you also get to enjoy limited-edition products from the top brands. Get more exclusive details in our Kush Cargo review.

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Stashbox image
FROM: $30.00

Stashbox Review

Stashbox offers personalized weed subscription boxes brimming with premium-quality smoking and lifestyle products. You can get as many as 8 items per month, including accessories, munchies, and special glass made by Chinese artisans. Every box also includes a limited-series Treemoji enamel pin. Explore these unique boxes with our Stashbox review.

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Cannabox box subscribe
FROM: $10.00

Cannabox Review

With Cannabox subscription boxes, you can have all the basic smoking items along with exclusive indie products delivered to your doorstep every month. The boxes include up to 9 unique items and feature a different theme every month. Plus, the subscriptions are rather affordable, so be sure to take a closer look at the boxes in our Cannabox review.

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PufferBox box image
FROM: $25.00

PufferBox Review

PufferBox offers you a perfectly easy way to upgrade your smoking kit with its surprisingly affordable weed subscription boxes. Become a member and get 6-9 items every month, including glass, snacks, and accessories. Pay only a fraction of the retail price and enjoy quick and discreet deliveries. Learn more about the boxes in our PufferBox review.

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