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UPDATED Apr. 2024

It is hard not to love snacks. They are crispy, crunchy, excitingly flavored, variously shaped, and absolutely and utterly addictive. No matter how many kinds of snacks you have tried, there are still hundreds if not thousands of them just waiting to wow your taste buds. If you are looking for some snackspiration or just need a steady source of your favorite snacks, you could not have come to a better place. We present you the absolute best snack subscription boxes in America. is an independent website supported by referral fees of certain sites ranked on this site. Our site receives compensation from some of the subscription box sites whose products we present here. Compensation we receive impacts the ranking of the products. Other factors such as quality of the products, our own opinions etc. may impact the ranking as well. Top10SubscriptionBoxes cannot and does not present information about every subscription box available for purchase. Close
NatureBox is a snack subscription service that offers around 100 different vegan snacks that are delicious, nutritious, and wonderfully healthy. Become a member and enjoy amazing discounts.
  • All members of NatureBox get up to 40% off on all items
  • Get all-you-can-eat snacks with the excellent office plans
  • Free delivery on all orders over $25 in the continental US
Graze is a first-rate snack subscription company that offers creative solutions for your cravings between meals. Find innovative vegan treats on Graze's menu and tailor your subscription.
  • More than 70 delicious vegan snacks for a healthy lifestyle
  • The best hand-picked, non-GMO, preservative-free ingredients
  • Change, adjust, tailor or cancel your order anytime you want
With Love With Food Tasting Gift Plans, you can give someone you love the gift of all-natural, healthy, and delicious snacks made of the best ingredients, delivered to their doorstep every month.
  • Every subscription box contains 8-9 unique, healthy snacks
  • Choose between the 3-month, 6-month, and annual subscriptions
  • The prices of boxes start at $7.99, with free shipping in the US
Tasterie introduces superbly delicious vegan bites for all extra-sensitive palates. Subscribe to one of the several colorful packages from Tasterie and receive delicious snacks each month.
  • Scrumptious vegan snacks designed by professional physicians
  • Order magnificent food that is completely allergen free
  • Surprise your children with delicious and healthy snacks
American Gluten Free brings extraordinary gluten-free vegan snacks to your home every month. When hunger strikes, beat it with wholesome granola or tasty dried peach and move happily on!
  • Enjoy colorful vegan snacks that fit all your dietary needs
  • Cancel, skip or change your subscription whenever you want
  • Treat your friends and family with an excellent subscription
Healthy Surprise is a high-quality snack subscription company that understands how hard it is to maintain a healthy vegan diet. It offers a wide range of tasty snacks for your everyday cravings.
  • The most delicious vegan snacks carefully selected for you
  • Order a Healthy Surprise as a gift for your beloved vegans
  • Receive healthy snacks anywhere in the US and internationally
If you like surprises and love snacks, Degustabox subscription boxes are just what the doctor ordered. As a subscriber, you get to enjoy an immense range of tasty snacks, along with nice perks.
  • Receive 9 – 14 delicious full-sized items with every box
  • Starting at only $18.99 per month with free shipping
  • Make use of the rewards program and get free boxes
Straight from Asia into your home, EsianMall brings a variety of exotic snacks, as well as awesome geeky extras, like comic books, jewelry, apparel, and more. Buy for yourself or as a gift.
  • Choose your favorite flavors, snack types, and geek gear
  • Decide between 3 box sizes and get 5 – 14 snacks per box
  • Opt for the Deluxe box and get 1 – 2 surprise geek items
With Cratejoy’s SnackSack, you can enjoy perfectly healthy, junk-free snacks and discover a dozen different treats with every box. Choose from 3 subscription types, cancel hassle-free.
  • Opt for SnackSack Classic, Gluten-Free or Vegan boxes
  • Get between 12 and 15 junk-free snacks with every box
  • Starting at $22 per month with free shipping and handling
MunchPak brings snacks from around the world right to your doorstep. Customize your box so it suits your taste, add drinks if you're feeling thirsty, and invite friends to join in on the fun!
  • Over 1000 tasty snacks from more than 50 world countries
  • Choose between weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly deliveries
  • Starts at $9.95 per 5-snack pack with free shipping in the US

Ranking Criteria Explained

The best snack subscription boxes are the ones that offer more than just amazing flavor. Of course, they need to feature snacks that are both delicious and of premium quality. They need to boast incredible variety, so you have plenty of new treats to try out with every box. The snacks should not be the ones you can easily find in stores. They should be unique and hard to come by. We prefer boxes that are customizable, so you can be sure you are getting snacks that suit your taste. Finally, we want the subscriptions to be affordable, so you do not have to worry about putting a dent in your budget.

The boxes featured here satisfy all of these criteria – and then some. Learn more about them in our mini-reviews below.



Have A Boxful Of Yummy Vegan Snacks

nature box subscription box

NatureBox is a members-only snack subscription service that brings delicious and healthy vegan snacks right to your doorstep. It has around 100 vegan snacks in its selection and allows you to order as often as you want and as many items as you wish with its affordable and flexible membership.

The price of membership is $5 per month and this amount automatically goes to your credit, so you can use it for your next purchase. If you want to order snacks for your office, you can opt for one of the unlimited office plans and get all-you-can-eat snacks with free shipping and a selection of up to 50 snacks to choose from. The prices of unlimited plans start at $12 per employee per month (30 cents a day).

nature box snacks

NatureBox vegan snacks come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from sweet, savory, and spicy snacks. You can order treats that are gluten-free, non-GMO, low-fat, low-sodium, sugar-free, good source of protein or fiber, contain less than 150 calories, less than 10g sugar or less than 15g carbs. You can also buy in bulk and get more of your favorite treat at a good price. All members get up to 40% off on all items in the store.

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Wholesome Snacks For Your Breaks

graze subscription box

Graze is an outstanding company that is dedicated to coming up with as many healthy snack options as possible. The company was founded in order to offer people something better and healthier than potato chips. And they’ve been doing great so far.

Graze works with snack experts who are coming up with brand new snacks on a daily basis. Treats from Graze are made to please your sensitive palate and provide you with all the necessary nutrients at the same time. Moreover, Graze cooperates with trusted local producers and picks only the freshest high-quality ingredients for your small daily pleasures.

With Graze, you can order whatever you want from its menu or subscribe to weekly deliveries of the finest options from its rich offer. If you subscribe to the Graze snack box, you get 8 tasty snacks once a week, every two weeks or every four weeks for as long as you want. Graze lets you tailor your orders by marking the snacks you like and dislike.

graze box

Graze ships its mouth-watering treats anywhere within the 50 states. Shipping costs up to $2 for the first order. Shipping and handling costs are included in the price of the subscription after the first order.


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Love With Food – Tasting Gift Plans

Love With Food – Tasting Gift Plans: Show Your Love With Awesome Snacks

munchpak subscription boxes

MunchPak offers exciting subscription boxes filled with the best snacks from over 50 countries around the world. By subscribing, you get to discover new snacks in the quantity of your choice, as often as you choose, at a great price.

The company offers 3 different boxes, including MunchPak Mini, which contains 5-6 snacks, MunchPak Original, which contains 10 snacks or more, and MunchPak Family, containing 20 or more snacks. MunchPak Mini is the most affordable box and its price starts at $9.95. You can choose to receive your box weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and decide whether you want to pay every time you receive a delivery or every 3, 6 or 12 months. The longer the subscription period, the lower the price.

munchpak boxes

Every time, you get different exotic snacks from the company’s wide assortment that boasts over 1000 snack varieties. Keep in mind that, while you are free to customize your box, customizations are not free. You can choose for or against 15 snack options and every preference you state comes at the price of $1. You can also add drinks to your order for $5 per drink. However, customizations and drinks are merely optional, so just skip them if you want to keep it under $10. The great news is that shipping is free within the US, so there are no additional costs. Buy for yourself or give as a gift.

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Allergen Free Vegan Food & Snacks

Love With Food box

Love With Food is known for its amazing, all-natural, quite often organic snacks that allow you to munch on something healthy and delicious in between meals. The snacks contain no trans fats, artificial flavors or colors, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup or anything that is artificial and bad for you. Every month, the Love With Food team creates a lovely assortment of snacks available with a subscription.

Love With Food Tasting Gift Plans allow you to make someone you love happy by gifting them subscription boxes filled with unique snacks. The boxes normally include around 8 or 9 snacks and each month you get a new, completely different assortment of snacks to enjoy.

Tasting Gift Plans differ in duration and you can choose between the 3-month, 6-month, and annual plans. The 3-month plan costs $26.97 ($8.99 per month), the 6-month plan costs $51 ($8.50 per month) while the annual plan offers the best value for money and costs $95.99 ($7.99 per month). Shipping is free of charge.

Love With Food subscribe Box

If you opt for the annual plan, you get 1000 bonus points, which bring you $10 you can spend at Love With Food. What is wonderful is that for every box you buy, Love With Food donates one meal to those in need. Therefore, by shopping at Love With Food, you are helping those that need help the most.

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American Gluten Free

A Vegan Box At Your Door Every Month

Healthy Surprise subscribe box

Healthy Surprise is your personal snack picker. This excellent snack subscription box company offers you a rich selection of high-quality vegan snacks delivered directly to your door. All you have to do is to choose a subscription plan.

Healthy Surprise offers 3 different subscriptions, including Classic Box, Big Box, and Paleo Box Subscription. The Classic Box and Big Box packs include 100% vegan treats. Any snack from these subscription boxes is healthy and carefully chosen to fit a well-balanced diet.

The Classic Box contains 15 sumptuous treats that can help you feel full for longer and keep you healthy at the same time. You can choose to receive one Classic Box of tasty vegan snacks each month, every two months or every three months.

Big Box provides you with the same type of treats, but you receive 21 snacks instead of 15. You can also opt for monthly, bimonthly or trimonthly delivery.

Healthy Surprise boxes

Although you can’t choose the duration of your subscription, you have the freedom to cancel your subscription or skip a delivery completely free of charge anytime you want. You can also surprise your loved ones by sending them the Classic or Big Box once, for 3, 6 or 12 months.

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Healthy Surprise

Delicious & Healthy Snacks For Vegans

American Gluten Free subscription box

If you’re allergic to gluten and are also a vegan, American Gluten Free is a great snack subscription company for you. It offers excellent subscription boxes that are specially created to fit the vegan diet. Moreover, American Gluten Free pays close attention to the quality of the ingredients and does its best to provide only superior snacks to its customers. Therefore, all treats you receive from this premium subscription box company are GMO-free.

American Gluten Free has introduced a subscription box specially designed for vegans. It contains 8-10 healthy vegans snacks perfect to satisfy your cravings. There are various treats, from dried fruits, granola, and nut butter over crunchy crackers and chips to delightful pleasures such as cookies.

With American Gluten Free, you can choose between the monthly, 3-month, and 6-month subscription. The longer the subscription, the lower the price. With each of the subscriptions, you receive one box per month, around the 20th. All subscriptions are renewed automatically unless you decide to cancel.

American Gluten box

If you know someone who’d be very happy to receive a box of delicious vegan snacks, you can gift them a subscription at American Gluten Free. American Gluten Free currently ships it tasty treats anywhere within the 50 US states.

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Budget-Friendly Snack Surprises

tasterie subscription box

Tasterie was founded by a physician mom who was fed up with trying to find food that is allergen free. Therefore, you can rest assured that every single bite you get from Tasterie fits all your special dietary requirements perfectly.

This excellent company works with a team of professional physicians and industry experts in order to provide you with the best snacks in the world. They offer food that is safe for people with allergies and fits special lifestyles such as veganism.

Tasterie offers special subscription boxes for different allergies and then there are 4 types of packs that are designed to match anyone’s diet. Tasterie ships its boxes monthly and the length of your subscription depends on the plan you choose. There are monthly, 3-month, 6-month and annual subscriptions. Longer subscriptions cost less so you can opt for one of them in order to save a few bucks and enjoy wholesome food and snacks every month.

tasterie boxes

Each Tasterie subscription box includes 5-6 tasty options that can be served as a quick lunch, light dinner or healthy breakfast. It also contains snacks. Tasterie ships its colorful subscription boxes to any address within the contiguous United States.

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Asian Treats For Snackers & Geeks

Degustabox image

Degustabox is a gloriously delicious surprise in a box. These snack subscription boxes bring you 9-14 different full-sized products every month, allowing you to discover more snacks than you ever imagined while paying much less than the snacks’ actual value.

With the monthly subscription, you get your boxes at the price of $19.99 per month. You can save a bit by opting for a biannual subscription, as this allows you to pay only $18.99 per box and save 5% per month. Shipping is free on all boxes; you only pay for the snacks.

Degustabox knows how much its customers like gifts, which is why it has an excellent rewards program. Every time you successfully refer a friend, you get 50 Degusta points and your friends get $10 off their first box. Every time you complete a product survey and give your opinion on a product you tasted, you get 5 Degusta points. For every gift subscription you purchase, you get 25 – 75 Degusta points, depending on the duration of the subscription. Once you collect 100 points, you can redeem them for a free box.

Degustabox box image

As far as gift subscriptions are concerned, you can choose between the 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month gift subscriptions. The price per box is $18.99 – $19.99. The boxes are shipped throughout the contiguous US.

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Healthy, Tasty, Guilt-Free Snacks

EsianMall image

EsianMall brings amazing subscription boxes for all of you who love Asian fashion, culture, gaming, comics, and snacks. You can choose from 3 types of subscriptions, including beauty boxes, mystery T-shirt boxes, and snack boxes. In this EsianMall review, we focus on the company’s unique snack subscriptions.

The snack boxes you receive are customized to suit your taste. You get to state which snack flavors and textures you prefer (crunchy, fruity, hard, milky, salty, savory, soft, sour, spicy, and sweet), what type of snacks you like (candy, chips, cookies, crackers, DIY, drinks, noodles, nuts, and sweets), what kind of geek gear you would like to get (stickers, comic books, figurines, jewelry, keychains, plushies, posters, and wearable gear), and which geek themes interest you the most (anime, cartoon, comic, Disney, game, horror, movie, music, sci-fi, and TV shows).

The boxes come in 3 sizes. The Mini box includes 5 – 6 snacks, the Medium box contains 8 – 10 snacks while the Deluxe box contains 12 – 14 snacks, as well as 1 – 2 surprise geek items. You can choose between a one-time purchase and a subscription. The boxes can also be purchased as gifts.

EsianMall box image

The Mini box costs $14.95 with the monthly subscription, $14.45 with the 3-month subscription, and $13.95 with the 6-month subscription. The one-time Mini box costs $19.95. The Medium box costs $29.95 with the monthly subscription, $28.95 with the 3-month subscription, and $28.45 with the 6-month subscription. If you buy only one Medium box, without a subscription, you pay $30.95. The Deluxe box costs $40.95 with the monthly subscription, $39.95 with the 3-month subscription, and $39.45 with the 6-month subscription. The one-time Deluxe box costs $40.95. Shipping is free within the US. International shipping is also available, with varying fees.

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MunchPak: The World In A Box Of Snacks

SnackSack image

For snackers who like their snacks healthy and junk-free, Cratejoy has designed its special SnackSack subscription boxes. The boxes are affordable, they come in 3 different versions, and they are delivered every month.

You can opt for SnackSack Classic, SnackSack Gluten-Free or SnackSack Vegan, depending on your dietary needs and preferences. Each box contains 12 – 15 tasty and junk-free snacks handpicked by a team of healthy snacking experts. The snacks are selected based on their nutritional value and content, so you only get snacks that are actually good for you. Each monthly selection is created based on seasonal themes and flavors.

SnackSack Classic costs only $22 per month while the prices of SnackSack Gluten-Free and SnackSack Vegan start at $24 per month. All boxes are shipped via 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is free of charge on all deliveries.

SnackSack box image

You can purchase SnackSack for yourself or as a gift and you can opt for multi-month subscriptions, including the 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions. The subscriptions are automatically renewed, but you can cancel anytime you wish, hassle-free. The boxes are always shipped on the 18th of the month. SnackSack subscription boxes are available in both the US and Canada.

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When creating this list, we did not only focus on the superior quality of the snack boxes but also on the variety of options they offer. US-made and imported, sweet and salty, sour and spicy, hard and soft, crunchy and mellow, you can find all kinds of guilty and guilt-free pleasures in the boxes featured above. They all cost much less than what they are worth, so you are getting the best snacks at the lowest possible price. We did our best to provide something for every taste and we honestly hope that there are at least a couple of boxes that seem like perfect solutions for your snacking needs. Filling your snack stash has never been easier.

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