Important update! EsianMall is now permanently closed. We recommend you check out Japan Crate instead. Japan Crate brings the spirit of Japan into your home with its amazing Japanese candy subscription boxes. You can choose between Doki Doki and Japan Crate and feel like you are in the bustling streets of Tokyo, with exotic Japanese candy and kawaii.

About EsianMall

EsianMall brings amazing subscription boxes for all of you who love Asian fashion, culture, gaming, comics, and snacks. You can choose from 3 types of subscriptions, including beauty boxes, mystery T-shirt boxes, and snack boxes. In this EsianMall review, we focus on the company’s unique snack subscriptions.

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The snack boxes you receive are customized to suit your taste. You get to state which snack flavors and textures you prefer (crunchy, fruity, hard, milky, salty, savory, soft, sour, spicy, and sweet), what type of snacks you like (candy, chips, cookies, crackers, DIY, drinks, noodles, nuts, and sweets), what kind of geek gear you would like to get (stickers, comic books, figurines, jewelry, keychains, plushies, posters, and wearable gear), and which geek themes interest you the most (anime, cartoon, comic, Disney, game, horror, movie, music, sci-fi, and TV shows).

The boxes come in 3 sizes. The Mini box includes 5 – 6 snacks, the Medium box contains 8 – 10 snacks while the Deluxe box contains 12 – 14 snacks, as well as 1 – 2 surprise geek items. You can choose between a one-time purchase and a subscription. The boxes can also be purchased as gifts.

The Mini box costs $14.95 with the monthly subscription, $14.45 with the 3-month subscription, and $13.95 with the 6-month subscription. The one-time Mini box costs $19.95. The Medium box costs $29.95 with the monthly subscription, $28.95 with the 3-month subscription, and $28.45 with the 6-month subscription. If you buy only one Medium box, without a subscription, you pay $30.95. The Deluxe box costs $40.95 with the monthly subscription, $39.95 with the 3-month subscription, and $39.45 with the 6-month subscription. The one-time Deluxe box costs $40.95. Shipping is free within the US. International shipping is also available, with varying fees.

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Pricing and Shipping

  • Price: $14.95
  • Shipping cost: free in US
  • Ships from: United States
  • Ships to: Worldwide

EsianMall Rating

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Gift Options
Customer Care
Value For Money
Overall Experience
Final Rating7.2/10

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  1. Jubril Tayyib | September 21, 2018

    So I paid for a 3 month subscription because I heard so many good things about the box of snacks you get so I waited until the last week of the month to receive my box and here we are in September 20th and still haven’t received my first box or a refund for not getting not a single one I even canceled my membership and haven’t seen my money return plus I email these people more than 4 times and no response. Now if you want to buy from them then go ahead I’m just warning you

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EsianMall Review
Updated : 2024-07-17
Rating : 7.2/10
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