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UPDATED Apr. 2024

If your stash is brimming with goodies and you want something extra to take the experience to a higher level, these subscription boxes have what it takes to maximize your smoking pleasure. From the coolest accessories and tasty post-smoke snacks to the highest-quality, perfectly designed glass and all the smoking essentials, you can find it all here. We have everything you need to have more fun than ever and it is all just a click away. Of course, it goes without saying that you should shop responsibly, so make sure you are keeping it legal and have a blast browsing the most mind-blowing weed subscription boxes in the country. is an independent website supported by referral fees of certain sites ranked on this site. Our site receives compensation from some of the subscription box sites whose products we present here. Compensation we receive impacts the ranking of the products. Other factors such as quality of the products, our own opinions etc. may impact the ranking as well. Top10SubscriptionBoxes cannot and does not present information about every subscription box available for purchase. Close
Cannabox allows you to enjoy regular deliveries of smoking essentials along with cool indie accessories and gear. Every box features a different theme and the content is always a surprise.
  • Get 6-9 essentials, plus t-shirts, books, and high-quality gear
  • Decide between standard, essentials-only, and sample boxes
  • Prices range between $10 and $19.88 per monthly delivery
Dojabox offers subscription boxes particularly suitable for girls who want to get all the essentials, plus gorgeous glass and extra items designed for real weed queens who love the herb.
  • Receive lighters, papers, wraps, mats, treats, glass, and more
  • Doja playlist, recipes, and mystery items included in the box
  • Choose from 3 subscription types, prices starting at just $5
Hippie Butler offers everything you can expect from a weed subscription box, from a customized selection of cool items to free discreet shipping and boxes designed to suit different budgets.
  • Papers or wraps, flavored or non-flavored, herb or concentrate
  • Every box contains smoking essentials and unique glass pieces
  • The prices of subscriptions range between $11.99 and $139.99
With Hemper, your smoking subscription box includes 10+ smoking accessories handpicked by the company's expert curators. Subscribe to get the latest products and premium brands at affordable prices.
  • Get $100+ worth of cool smoking accessories for just $29.99
  • Adjust the delivery frequency according to your preferences
  • Smoking essentials, surprise products, and a new glass piece
Puff Pack weed subscription boxes are designed for smokers who know exactly what they want. Choose between 5 distinct subscription box types or make a fully customized Puff Pack of your own.
  • 3 affordable standard packs, plus Mystery and Premium boxes
  • Get smoking basics, mystery glass, and exclusive, luxury items
  • Subscriptions for every budget, starting at only $1 per month
With Stashbox, you always get amazing items that perfectly suit your smoking preferences. Subscribe and get your goodies at the best price or sample the products with a one-time purchase.
  • Hand-blown, premium-quality glass made by Chinese masters
  • 5-8 lifestyle items, including body care, munchies, and extras
  • Pay just $30 per box and get more affordable items at the shop
PufferBox smoking subscription boxes bring you 6 to 9 unique items every month, including amazing glass, flamboyant snacks, and a vast range of impressive accessories for your smoking kit.
  • Pipes, lighters, grinders, ashtrays, rolling trays, and more
  • Up to $70 worth of smoking supplies for $23-$25 per box
  • Get extra items and gifts at a great price in the online store
Kush Cargo offers 3 types of weed subscription boxes created with different smoking needs and budgets in mind. Get limited-edition dab or nug related products from top brands in every box.
  • Get 3 to 10 items per box, depending on your subscription
  • All boxes include smoking essentials and cool glass pieces
  • The prices range between $10 and $83 per monthly box
Daily High Club brings the highest-quality smoking supplies straight to your door. The service is discreet, affordable, and surprises you with a bunch of cool smoking accessories every month.
  • Opt for the All-Natural, Connoisseur or El Primo subscription
  • Get up to $80 worth of smoking accessories per monthly box
  • Flexible, affordable subscriptions ranging from only $1 to $30
SensiBox knows that boys and girls have different expectations from their weed subscription boxes. That is why it offers special For Her and For Him boxes in two varieties: Original and Toke.
  • Weed essentials, munchies, apparel, glass, and other goodies
  • 7+ items with the Original box or 5 items with the Toke box
  • Prices start at $12.50 per month, with free shipping in the US

Ranking Criteria Explained

Our job is to make sure that you are getting nothing but premium-quality goods, which is why we have a set of strict criteria that must be satisfied in order for a weed subscription box to appear on our top list. We strive to provide you with the most carefully crafted accessories that are not easy to come by. We select only the boxes that offer the greatest variety and make sure that every box is unique and that the items are never repeated. We also give preference to flexible subscriptions with multiple membership options designed for different customer needs. Finally, we determine which boxes offer the best value for your money. Here are more detailed descriptions of all the boxes that made it to our top list.



Handpicked Cannabis Essentials & Gear

Cannabox image

Cannabox is a monthly weed subscription box that does not only bring you all the smoking essentials you may need but also delivers some of the rarest indie products that cannot be easily found on the market. The company has opted for the discovery box concept, so you can never know what you are going to get in advance, but you can be sure that it is going to be a great surprise.

The boxes contain 6-9 essentials on average, handpicked by the experienced Cannabox team. You get the basics, such as rolling papers, pipes, and grinders, as well as t-shirts, books, and fun accessories. Every box features a different theme.

You can choose from 3 box types. You can opt for one of its 3 standard subscriptions, choose the essentials-only box or give the service a try with its Cannapack samplers.

The standard subscriptions include the 1-month plan, which costs $19.88 per box and brings you 6-9 essentials, plus gear and a t-shirt, the 3-month plan, which costs $18.88 per month and includes 6-9 essentials, plus gear, and the 6-month plan, which costs $17.88 per monthly box and includes the same products as the 6-month plan. Shipping is $6.95 on all monthly deliveries.

The essentials-only box contains 5 products and costs only $10 per month, with free shipping within the US.

Cannabox box image

The Cannapacks allow you to get one-time deliveries of 5-7 favorites from the previous boxes and they are perfect for sampling the products before opting for a subscription. They cost $13.99 per box, with shipping and handling included in the price.

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Weed Gear & Needz For Cannaqueenz

Dojabox image

Dojabox is another excellent weed subscription box brought to you by Cratejoy. Unlike LitPact, this box is designed for smokers, particularly girls, who simply want an easy way to get their hands on all the essentials, plus a couple of extra surprise items to look forward to. The boxes are not customizable but instead feature all the best products handpicked by the Dojabox experts.

The boxes contain smoking essentials, such as lighters, rolling papers, hemp wraps, and rolling mats, as well as Doja treats and gorgeous glass pieces. You also get the playlist of the month, Mary-Jane recipes, and extra mystery items. You can choose from 3 subscription types: the Needzbag, the Beta, and the Alpha box.

Dojabox box image

The Needzbag brings you the basics, including a pack of rolling papers, filter tips, and a lighter, plus the playlist of the month. The price starts at just $5 per month. The Beta box features the items included in the Needzbag, the main piece worth $10+, and awesome smoking accessories. You can get your Beta box for only $15 per month. The Alpha box differs from the Beta box in that its main piece is worth at least $30. The price starts at $30 per month. With all the boxes, you can choose between simple and discreet packaging and flashy, metallic or holographic packaging.

Be sure to follow Dojabox on Instagram, participate in the regular giveaways, and get the coolest products free of charge.


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Hippie Butler

Your Personal Smoking Assistant

Hippie Butler image

If you hate running to a convenience store to get your smoking basics, Hippie Butler can be your personal shopper who knows exactly what you love and need. It discreetly delivers all the essentials, gear, and accessories you want, taking great care that everything in your box is in accordance with your preferences. There are 3 subscription types to choose from and shipping is free of charge on all boxes.

The Rollers Club boxes represent the most affordable option. They cost only $11.99 per month and bring you rolling papers, hemp wraps, and amazing glass. You can choose whether you want to get papers, wraps or both and whether you want them to be flavored, non-flavored or a mix of the two.

The Butler Box is the most popular subscription that includes high-quality glass and rolling supplies. You can customize it based on whether you prefer the herb or the concentrates and decide if you want flavored, non-flavored papers and wraps or both. The price is $32.99 per month.

The most precious box is the Masters Club box, designed for real smoking enthusiasts. This box contains virtually everything you may need to maximize your smoking experience and all items are of premium quality. The price is 139.99 per month and it can be customized based on whether you prefer the herb, the concentrates or you enjoy both.

Hippie Butler box image

If you are shopping for something in particular, be sure to browse the colorful Hippie Butler store. There you can find an impressive assortment of rolling papers, hemp wraps, lighters, rolling trays, pre-rolled cones, affordable bundles, pipes, concentrate gear, grinders, accessories, apparel, and munchies.


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Smoking Essentials That Suit Every Taste

hemper box packet

Hemper offers a premium-quality weed subscription box that contains all the necessary smoking essentials, as well as several surprise items and an exquisite piece of glassware. All the items have been handpicked by Hemper’s expert team in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

The company prides itself on its ability to design unique smoking accessories that you can’t find anywhere else on the market. Hemper works with the leading brands in the industry and collaborates with celebrities to constantly update its product offering. According to their smoking habits, subscribers can choose how often they want to receive their state-of-the-art smoker boxes.

With the Hemper Box, you get 10+ premium smoking accessories for $29.99, which is a very good deal considering that these items have a combined value of $100+. Every delivery brings you a different mixture of both glass and paper products, with one of Hemper’s unique, handpicked glass pieces. Apart from a premium glass piece, each box typically contains accessories such as lighters, ashtrays, hemp wraps, rolling papers, storage bags, filter tips, and more. In addition, Hemper allows you to save some money if you pay ahead. You can pay for 3, 6 or 12 orders in advance and save 10%, 12% or 15%, respectively.

Subscribers may also opt to receive the Bare Essentials Pack, priced at $0.99, which contains 4 essential items, and the Hemper Pack, priced at $14.99, with 7+ popular smoking accessories.

hemper box image

The company’s online shop offers a wide selection of bongs, glass pipes, dab rigs, dab tools, grinders, vaporizers, and numerous other accessories designed to ensure the most amazing smoking experience. Hemper respects your privacy and ships all orders discreetly to your door in a mailer bag that contains no branding on the outside.

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Puff Pack

Create Your Perfect Smoking Kit

Puff Pack image

With Puff Pack weed subscription boxes, there is no need to compromise. You can get exactly what you want thanks to the incredible variety of its carefully designed boxes and amazing customization options.

Its standard offer includes 3 types of subscription boxes. You can opt for the Artisan box, which costs $19 per month, plus $5 for shipping and handling, and brings you high-quality essentials and accessories, plus one mystery glass. The second option is the Mediator box, which is a perfect mix of affordability and quality that brings you smoking essentials, accessories, and one mystery item for only $9 per month, plus $3 for shipping and handling. Finally, you can opt for the Economist box, which costs just $1 per month, plus $2 for shipping and handling, and contains all the basics, such as lighters and rolling papers.

If you like surprises, you can choose the Mystery box, which costs $23 per month, contains 5 to 7 mystery items, along with the glass of the month. The items in the Mystery box are always worth $35+.

For those who want to enjoy the most luxurious smoking experience, Puff Pack has prepared the Premium pack, which costs $74 per month. Its retail value equals or exceeds $120. It contains the finest glass, high-quality glass cleaning agent, 5 pipe cleaners, rolling papers, filter tips, hemp wicks, 2 hemp wraps, herb humidifier, chrome lighter, eye drops, and more.

Puff Pack box image

Finally, you can create a complete custom pack of your own. You can add more items to the existing packs or make one from scratch by combining glass, papers, lighters, and extras of your choice.

If you need gifts for your friends, you can find a range of awesome items in the Puff Mart, the company’s online store.

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Fully Personalized Smoking Kits

Stashbox box image

Stashbox is different from most of the weed subscription boxes on the market. It creates boxes that are personalized just for you, based on the preferences you state in your profile when you sign up. Not only that, but it allows you to get unique, artisanal glass and extras that you cannot get elsewhere.

The boxes feature glass handblown by masters of the glassblowing art coming from China’s Hebei province, with pieces made of premium-quality China glass. Apart from the glass, you get a personalized selection of 5-8 lifestyle items, including accessories, body care, munchies, and other awesome goodies. Every box also contains a limited-series collectible Treemoji enamel pin.

If you opt for a subscription, you pay $30 per monthly box. The shipping fee amounts to $6.95 for deliveries within the US and $15 for deliveries to Canada.

Stashbox image

For customers who do not want to commit to a subscription before they try out the products, Stashbox offers the possibility to purchase a single box. The price is $35 per box, plus the shipping fee.

You can also purchase extra items or incredible gifts in the Stashbox online store. You can choose from nearly 100 items and the prices start at only $1.


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Glass, Snacks & Smoking Accessories

PufferBox image

PufferBox offers excellent smoking subscription boxes filled with a variety of items carefully chosen to enhance your smoking experience. The boxes are delivered every month and every delivery brings you different goodies to enjoy.

The items you receive with your PufferBox subscription can be divided into 3 distinct categories. You get glass, normally 1 gorgeous piece of glass per box, delicious and colorful post-smoke snacks, and amazing accessories ranging from cool lighters, grinders, pipes, and rolling machines to apparel. You usually get 6-9 items per delivery and the average total retail value per box is between $50 and $70.

You can choose from 3 subscription plans of different duration. If you opt for the monthly subscription, you pay $25 per box. With the 3-month subscription, you pay $24 per box while the 6-month subscription allows you to get your boxes for $23 per delivery. All subscriptions are automatically renewed but can be easily paused or canceled. Your boxes come with discreet shipping that costs $3.99 per box.

PufferBox box image

If you want to get even more Puffer goods or you need cool gifts for your friends, you can find great smoking accessories in the PufferBox online shop. There you can purchase a variety of pipes, ashtrays, rolling trays, machines, mats, Banksy-inspired T-shirts, and much more, with prices ranging from just $2.99 to $69.99.


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Kush Cargo

Top-Quality Limited-Edition Goodies

Kush Cargo image

Kush Cargo is a real smokers’ paradise that offers the coolest accessories, incredible glass, and an impressive selection of all sorts of items that you may need to enhance your smoking pleasure. It offers 3 subscription types, designed for smokers with different needs and budgets.

The most affordable subscription plan is the Carry-On Cargo subscription, which costs only $10 per month and brings you all the essential smokers items. It includes 3-5 dab or nug related products.

The OG Cargo box is designed for smokers who expect a bit more from their boxes. It includes up to 6 dab or nug related products and its retail value is at least $45. The price of the subscription is $22 per month.

The First Class Cargo is the most luxurious Kush Cargo box. It includes up to 10 nug or dab related items and its retail value is never less than $120. The price you pay for your subscription is $83 per month.

All the boxes include limited-edition items from the best brands in the business and they also come with discreet shipping. The boxes are normally shipped on the 20th of the month, apart from the Carry-On Cargo boxes, which are shipped on the 25th.

Kush Cargo box image

If you have missed a box you would love to have, you can purchase past boxes in the Kush Cargo online shop. There you can also find a range of cool extras and gifts, including rolling paper gift sets, dab gift sets, bubblers and bongs, hand pipes, dab gear, vaporizers, hemp blunts, rolling papers, and dab torches.


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Daily High Club

Cool Smoking Bundles For Your Stash

Daily High Club image

Daily High Club offers smoking subscription boxes filled with a variety of supplies that cannot be found in just any convenience store. You can choose from 3 subscription types, depending on how much you love the herb.

The All-Natural box is the most affordable one and made for smokers who like to keep it simple. It includes rolling papers, filter tips, organic bee wick, and one matchbox per delivery. All items in the box are made of completely natural materials and you get them for only $1 per month.

The Connoisseur box is for those who want to take their smoking experience to a higher level. It includes 7 to 9 products handpicked by smoking experts who select only premium-quality goods for Daily High Club members. With the Connoisseur subscription, you pay $12 per monthly box.

The El Primo box is designed for the most passionate of smokers. It brings you a huge collection of the finest smoking products, including glass, incense cones, pocket ashtrays, hemp wick, blunt wraps and rollers, pipe cleaners, cool lighters, and much more. It costs $30 per month, which is more than reasonable, considering the amazing goods you get in every box.

Daily High Club box image

Within the US, shipping is free of charge for the Connoisseur and El Primo Boxes. If you opt for the All-Natural box, you pay a $2 shipping and handling fee with every delivery. International shipping is also available.

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Weed Subscription Boxes For Him & Her

SensiBox image

SensiBox offers unique weed subscription boxes specially designed for both ladies and gents with a passion for good herbs. You can decide between the Original boxes and the Toke boxes, both available in versions for him and for her.

The For Her Original boxes feature at least 7 items per box, including hemp beauty products, munchies, apparel, goodies, and glass, as well as smoking essentials, such as lighters and rolling papers. The For Him Original boxes are slightly different and include smoking essentials, munchies, apparel, lighters, goodies, glass, and hemp made products, with 7+ items per box. With the Original boxes, you can choose between the monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions and the prices range between $27 and $35 per month.

The For Her Toke boxes and For Him Toke boxes feature 5 items per box, including smoking essentials, munchies, apparel, lighters, ashtrays, and small glass pieces. Just as in the case of the Original boxes, you get to choose between the monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly subscriptions and the price per box ranges from $12.50 to $20 per month.

Shipping is free of charge within the US. For deliveries to Canada, the shipping fee is $10, while worldwide shipping comes with a $20 shipping fee per box.

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Getting your smoking essentials yourself is so last decade. Why bother, when you can have everything you want delivered to your home, without anyone ever knowing what goodies are waiting for you inside the plain cardboard box on your doorstep. We have done our research well, so you can be sure that it does not get any better than what you have had the chance to see on our top list. Now, our duty is to warn you to only use the items you buy for legal purposes and your job is to make sure you use them to the max.

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