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UPDATED Nov. 2019

Good wine can be rather pricey and surprisingly difficult to find. If you are looking for an easy way to get premium-quality, hard-to-come-by wines at a good price, wine clubs are a perfect solution. Browse our selection of the top 5 wine clubs and find the one that best fits your taste and budget. is an independent website supported by referral fees of certain sites ranked on this site. Our site receives compensation from some of the subscription box sites whose products we present here. Compensation we receive impacts the ranking of the products. Other factors such as quality of the products, our own opinions etc. may impact the ranking as well. Top10SubscriptionBoxes cannot and does not present information about every subscription box available for purchase. Close
With Revel Wine Club, you get to create your own custom club and get wines that suit your taste, in the quantity that suits your needs, as often as you wish. Order extra bottles or gifts anytime.
  • 12 varietals; over 80 different wines; 25 award winners
  • Organic, sulfite-free, gluten-free, and lower-calorie wines
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee; free shipping on 12+ bottles
Winc is a wine club that brings high-quality wines at affordable prices right to your doorstep. Enjoy red, white or sparkling wines from all over the world, chosen to meet your specific needs.
  • Incredible variety of all sorts of wines for wine enthusiasts
  • Excellent blogs to help you broaden your knowledge of wines
  • Membership flexibility; order as many bottles as you want
Gold Medal Wine Club has been offering only the rarest wines of the highest quality for nearly 25+ years. They have an amazing selection of California and world wines, as well as great gift sets.
  • Every member of the club gets 40% off winery retail prices
  • Numerous varietals of both red and white wines in the offer
  • Only the most highly rated, hard-to-find, medal-winning wines
Wine of the Month Club brings the finest hand-picked wines to your doorstep. A team of experts tastes about 400 wines a month and makes sure you receive only the best vintages.
  • Great variety of the best wines from all over the world
  • Limited edition vintages that aren't available elsewhere
  • Excellent assortment of gifts you can send to wine lovers
Uncorked Ventures provides their customers with a great selection of wines made in California, Oregon, and Washington. You can now drink the best domestic wines at an affordable price.
  • First-class domestic wines for all real wine enthusiasts
  • Comprehensive newsletters and blogs for wine education
  • Limited edition vintages from small production lots
California Wine Club focuses on bringing you the most exquisite artisan wines from California and all over the world. Browse the offers of its 6 wine clubs and discover your new favorites.
  • Get a replacement or refund if you dislike what you receive
  • Numerous incredible perks for every member of the club
  • Get 50% off the usual retail prices on your wine reorders

Benefits Of Wine Clubs

Whether you know your wine or just love your wine, joining a wine club can be one of the best decisions you have made in a while. First of all, you can save quite a lot of money and get the highest-quality wines for as little as you would pay for a bottle of mediocre, bulk-produced Chardonnay at your local supermarket. We are not exaggerating – the discounts you get as a member of one of the best wine clubs are huge and reason enough to start your membership today.

Still, the attractive discounts are hardly the greatest advantage of being a wine club member. What we like the most about our top picks is that they allow you to explore the world of wine with unbelievable ease and enjoy the perks of having wine experts hand-pick the finest wines just for you. Not only that, but you get to taste some of the rarest wines in the whole world. Wines you could never find on your own. Full-bodied wines with exciting, complex flavors that are sure to delight your palate, no matter how vast or limited your knowledge of wine may be.

In addition to the ultimate convenience you get to enjoy with regular home deliveries, wine clubs offer the additional benefit of teaching you how to enjoy wine even more. They introduce you to your new favorites, teach you how to perfectly pair your meals with the right wine, and allow you to learn all about the wines you love so you can love them even more.

How Are The Best Wine Clubs Different

The best wine clubs do not only allow you to easily stock up on good wine. They want every delivery you get to be just perfect for you. They allow you to choose yourself but also help you make the right choice when you are in doubt. They provide excellent recommendations based on your preferences, they value your feedback, and they carefully and skillfully guide you toward the ultimate wine-sipping experience. That is the kind of premium-quality service you can only get from the best wine clubs in the country.

While it is important that the wine club of your choice does its best to make sure that you are satisfied with your delivery every single time, we believe that it is of equal importance that you get the best possible service even when you are not happy with what you received. The finest wine clubs offer satisfaction guarantees; if you do not like the wine you got, you can get a refund or replacement, so you never waste any money on wine that you do not love.

Finally, the highest-ranked wine clubs that you can find on our list have richer selections of fine wine than any other wine club in the country. They truly have something for every taste. Not only that, but they never settle for anything less than perfection, so you can be sure that every wine you get is among the best available, both in the country and the world.

Choosing The Right Wine Club For You

It takes a lot of love, knowledge, and dedication to create a perfect bottle of wine. The best wine clubs are the ones that do not only understand the art of winemaking and appreciate the efforts that go into the creation of the finest wine but also know how to match the best wine with the person who will enjoy it the most. In order to identify these top-level wine clubs, we have devised a list of criteria that a wine club has to meet in order to be featured on our list.

First and foremost, we focus on wine quality. We only select the clubs that provide award-winning and rare wines that are not available at the stores. Their selections must be impeccable and vast enough to please any wine lover.

Furthermore, we believe that brand reputation is of great importance. The wine clubs that receive our highest recommendation are the ones that are praised by both their members and relevant experts and publications. Simply put, we select the wine clubs that never disappoint and whose stellar reputation speaks in favor of the quality of the wine and service they provide.

The best wine clubs allow you to enjoy the best wines but also help you learn more about them and maximize your pleasure by expanding your knowledge. Thus, the wine clubs we choose are the ones that pair their first-class wines with some first-class wine education.

Every wine lover has a unique taste, which is why customization is one of our key criteria. Our top list exclusively includes wine clubs that offer memberships that can be tailored to perfectly fit your preferences.

Finally, we make sure that our top picks offer the best value for your money. We want the price you pay for your wine to be as low as the quality of the wine is high.

Best Wine Club Companies

What all of our top picks have in common is that they are currently the best on the market. Now it is time to discover what makes each of these wine clubs unique. Explore their distinctive features in the mini-reviews below and choose the one that best satisfies your wine-sipping preferences and needs.


Revel Wine Club

Award-Winning Wines At Great Prices

Revel Wine Club gift wine packet

Revel Wine Club’s selection includes 80+ wines from the US, Australia, and New Zealand, many of which have won multiple awards. If you choose to subscribe, you can decide whether you want to get white, red, rosé or a combination of the three and whether you wish to enjoy organic, organic and sulfite-free or all wines. If you shop subscription-free, you can choose from 12 varietals and 30 renowned brands.

The prices are pretty low, shipping is free on 12+ bottles, and each delivery comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Full Revel Wine Club Review and Ratings


Wine chosen according to your taste

wine gift option box

Whether you like ruby reds, elegant whites, rosés or sparkling wines, Winc has something just right for you in its cellar. Every delivery you get from this extraordinary wine club is tailored to your unique taste and based on the preferences you state in a short and fun quiz you take once you become a member.

winc wine bottle

Winc’s fine wines mostly originate from California, but you can also try some of the best wines from around the globe.

Full Winc Review and Ratings

Gold Medal Wine Club

Award-winning wines for enthusiasts

Platinum Wine

Gold Medal Wine Club has one of the most impressive selections of rare wines we have ever seen.

gold medal wine bottles wine on white background

By opting for one of its 6 wine clubs, you get to enjoy the delicate and powerful flavors and textures of the finest Pinot Noirs, top-quality champagnes, unique, hand-crafted wines from independent wineries, and exclusive, award-winning wines from the best wineries in California and the world.

Full Gold Medal Wine Club Review and Ratings

Wine Of The Month Club

Best for sophisticated wine lovers

Wine of the Month Club pricing

Wine Of The Month Club has been delivering exquisite wines all over America for nearly 5 decades.

12 bottles wines in a wine gift case

With 5 distinct wine clubs for different tastes, a gorgeous assortment of vintages, and delectable reds and whites from the most famous wine regions in America and around the world, Wine Of The Month Club has done its best to satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates. The prices are low but the quality is sky-high.

Full Wine Of The Month Club Review and Ratings

Uncorked Ventures

First-class wines from the West Coast

Uncorked Ventures printscreen homepage

Uncorked Ventures is a wine club that lets you explore the glorious flavors of the finest West Coast wines. You can choose from 3 different wine clubs, mostly focusing on vintages and rare wines.

The deliveries may include reds, whites or both, depending on your preferences. If you have friends who love wine as much as you do, you can treat them to one of the beautiful Uncorked Ventures gift baskets.

Full Uncorked Ventures Review and Ratings

California Wine Club

The wonders of artisan wineries

California Wine Club homepage

California Wine Club knows that the best wine is made in small batches with a lot of love and care. That is why it focuses on small, artisanal wineries that truly care about what they do. With 5 wine club levels to choose from, you can enjoy everything from the best international wines to the finest aged Cabernets.

California Wine Club Selling Wine Three Times

Most wines you get from California Wine Club cannot be found anywhere else, except the wineries themselves.

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What is a wine club?
How do wine clubs work?
How to choose the best wine club?
What are the benefits of joining a wine club?
Is membership free?
How to cancel wine club membership?
When do I receive wine?
What if I don’t like my order?
Can I skip a delivery?
Can I send wine to somebody else?
Are there clubs with exclusively white or red wine?
Do wine clubs make their own wines?
How much does a bottle of wine weigh?
Does wine freeze?
What’s the best temperature for serving wine?
Does wine expire?
Is wine acidic?
How much alcohol does wine contain?
Are sparkling wines the same as champagne?
What are the most popular American wines?


What is a wine club?

Wine clubs are delivery services designed to bring carefully selected bottles of wine to your doorstep. Some of them have their own wineries, but most of them cooperate with both big and small winemakers from all over the globe. Experts from wine clubs usually choose wines for you, but you can also do it on your own.

How do wine clubs work?

Wine clubs deliver wine to your home monthly, every other month or quarterly. Most clubs have different memberships that offer different wines and different subscription packages. It’s usually necessary to join one of the clubs your wine club offers and wait for your delivery. The subscriber has to be older than 21, as well as the person who receives the wine when it arrives at your home.

How to choose the best wine club?

Most wine clubs allow you to choose wines according to your personal preferences and requirements. All important information can be found online, so you can contact your chosen club’s customer support and check the details.

If you prefer red wine, for example, then find a wine club that has the option of delivering only boxes of reds. Go through the wine cards before subscribing and find out whether certain wine club offers the vintages you like. Also, it’s very important to check the delivery areas and confirm that the club you like delivers to your state.

What are the benefits of joining a wine club?

First of all, you can save time by joining a wine club. Instead of going to a store and trying to find the wine you like, a wine club delivers it to your doorstep.

Second, most wine clubs hire sommeliers who select the most exquisite vintages for their customers. You can taste some prime wines as a member of a wine club.

Third, you can save money. Wine clubs provide the finest wines at the most reasonable prices because they work together with winemakers.

Fourth, you can surprise a wine lover with an excellent gift and send it directly to their home.

Is membership free?

Membership is free with most wine clubs. However, there are some clubs that charge for membership, but offer discounts for their members in return.

Membership fee information can easily be found on the website of your chosen club, so you can simply go online and check whether the club you’re interested has free or paid membership. You can also contact customer support service and ask them anything you need to know.

How to cancel wine club membership?

It depends on the wine club, but it’s often possible to cancel the subscription by simply accessing your account or by contacting customer support service.

When do I receive wine?

Almost all wine clubs deliver wine monthly. Most also offer bi-monthly and/or quarterly delivery.

What if I don’t like my order?

If you are not satisfied with your order, you can get a replacement or refund, depending on the club.

Can I skip a delivery?

Yes, you can. It’s important to inform your wine club on time that you want to skip your delivery because your boxes are sometimes shipped two weeks before you get them.

Can I send wine to somebody else?

Yes. Wine clubs offer various gift options for their members. You can select a wine you want to send or let the experts from your wine club do it for you. Gift boxes are usually enriched with personal notes, so you can write a nice message for your loved one too.

Are there clubs with exclusively white or red wine?

Although most wine clubs are mixed clubs, there are clubs that deliver exclusively reds or exclusively whites. Many mixed clubs allow you to order only reds or only whites as well.

Do wine clubs make their own wines?

There are some wine clubs that make their own wines, like Winc, formerly known as Club W. If you like domestic wines, this kind of club may be ideal for you.

How much does a bottle of wine weigh?

A regular bottle of wine would be a 750ml bottle. These bottles contain about 2lbs of wine. When you add the weight of the glass and cork, one wine bottle commonly weighs about 3-3.5lbs.

Does wine freeze?

Yes, wine freezes because the percentage of water in wine is very high. It freezes at about 15 to 20 degrees F, so be careful when storing it in a freezer. If the wine freezes, it expands and the bottle can easily crack.

What’s the best temperature for serving wine?

It depends on the sort of wine you’re serving. Sparkling wines are best when served ice cold, which would be at 40 to 50 F. White wines should be served cold at 50 to 60 degrees and red wines at 60 to 70 degrees F.

Does wine expire?

If you store an unopened bottle of wine properly, it can last for years and it will be in perfect condition when you open it. On the other hand, opened wines expire quite fast, so you should avoid keeping them around for long. Once opened, wine can spoil in 3 to 5 days. However, you don’t have to worry that you’ll get poisoned – spoiled wine isn’t dangerous, it’s just not tasty anymore.

Is wine acidic?

Most wines you drink contain acid, which is important for the exquisite taste wine can have. The level of acidity depends on the type of grape that’s used. Red wines tend to be less acidic than whites.

How much alcohol does wine contain?

Wine can contain anywhere between 5.5% and 20% alcohol, depending on the quality of wine, the process of winemaking, and the climate where the grape is grown.

White wines contain the lowest percentage of alcohol. Sparkling wines usually contain about 12%, followed by reds going up to 16%. Sherry and vermouth contain 20% alcohol.

Are sparkling wines the same as champagne?

Champagne is a sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wines are champagne. Champagne is a kind of white sparkling wine which is produced exclusively in the Champagne region in France. Sparkling wines produced anywhere else aren’t champagne.

It’s not commonly known that sparkling wines can also be red, like Australian Shiraz or Italian Brachetto.

What are the most popular American wines?

The most popular American wines are produced in California. So, there are various wines from Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Walla Walla Valley on the very top of the list.

Americans tend to enjoy red wine more since the most popular vintages are those of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Melbury Red. Chardonnay is making its way toward the top of the list, so it’s safe to say that it is the most popular white wine in the USA at the moment.

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