Best Dog Subscription Boxes

UPDATED Jun. 2024

Dog subscription boxes are quickly gaining in popularity – and it is easy to see why. They are convenient, they allow you to save time, and they come packed with exciting goodies that will make your beloved furry companion jump for joy. Whether you are looking for fun and durable toys, nutritious treats, trendy and useful accessories, quality grooming products or even freshly cooked meals for your dog, there are providers out there that can meet all your requirements. We created this list to help you navigate the overwhelming array of dog subscription boxes available on the market so that you can choose the one that is perfect for both you and your pooch. is an independent website supported by referral fees of certain sites ranked on this site. Our site receives compensation from some of the subscription box sites whose products we present here. Compensation we receive impacts the ranking of the products. Other factors such as quality of the products, our own opinions etc. may impact the ranking as well. Top10SubscriptionBoxes cannot and does not present information about every subscription box available for purchase. Close
BarkBox is a subscription service that delivers a box full of surprises for your furry companion once a month. Your dog will be delighted to receive a monthly supply of toys, treats, and chews.
  • Awesome toys to keep your pooch occupied when left alone
  • All-natural treats that never contain wheat, corn or soy
  • Starting at $29 per box with free shipping in the US
PetPlate is a service that offers kettle-cooked, flash-frozen meals for dogs. Your dog will eat healthy, tasty food prepared according to a customized, calorie-based meal plan.
  • Meals made in a USDA-certified facility with quality ingredients
  • Designed by a vet nutritionist, tailored to your dog’s needs
  • No by-products, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
PupJoy is an award-winning subscription box service delivering boxes full of dog goodies. Surprise your furry companion each month with wonderful, custom-tailored treats, toys, and accessories.
  • Treats, toys, and chews tailored to your dog’s preferences
  • Choose the box size and delivery schedule that work best for you
  • Every box is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
RescueBox delivers boxes full of pet goodies and at the same time offers you the possibility to make a meaningful impact with every single box you order.
  • Monthly boxes including toys, treats, and other pet goodies
  • Each box will help feed and vaccinate shelter pets in need
  • Subscription plans suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes
PoochPerks brings customized boxes of awesome dog products every month. Subscribe to pamper your beloved pooch with new toys, treats, and accessories.
  • Customizable boxes full of hand-picked, tail-wagging goodies
  • Toys of premium quality and treats sourced from US providers
  • Perfect gift for dog lovers and their furry friends
Dapper Dog Boxes provides a themed selection of cool dog items. Each monthly box contains toys and treats of premium quality, as well as a gorgeous, eye-catching bandana.
  • Boxes of top products tailored to dogs of all ages and sizes
  • You can easily skip a month or cancel your subscription plan
  • Each delivery comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
ShaggySwag is a monthly subscription service offering customizable boxes of premium dog products, including toys, treats, and accessories.
  • Three customizable plans plus add-ons at discounted prices
  • Products of the highest quality tailored to your dog’s needs
  • Free US shipping plus many other subscription benefits
Created by veterinarians, VetPet Box provides boxes of excellent products for dogs and cats. Each delivery contains toys, treats, accessories, and wellness products.
  • Nutritious treats and fun pet goodies of premium quality
  • Great wellness products carefully selected by veterinarians
  • Monthly educational materials to help you with pet care
Surprise My Pet is a family-owned service delivering boxes of hand-picked pet goodies, such as awesome treats, toys, and chews.
  • Monthly supply of carefully selected first-rate products
  • Boxes for dogs of all sizes, single- or multi-cat families
  • Purchase a subscription for your pet or send as a gift
Pet Treater offers pet subscription boxes at affordable prices. The company works hard to find quality products with the best pricing. Treat your furry companion with a special monthly gift.
  • Thoughtfully curated boxes for cats and dogs of all sizes
  • Treats, grooming supplies, toys, and accessories for your pet
  • Perfect combination of fun and practical items in each box

Ranking Criteria Explained

The best dog subscription boxes are the ones that provide a good variety of high-quality products. We prefer boxes with products that you usually cannot find in your local pet stores. All food items included in the box, such as dog treats, should be made with natural, preferably organic ingredients, without artificial preservatives or fillers. The box should include toys that are durable, unique, and mentally stimulating for your dog. The subscription service should offer plenty of options to customize your box according to your dog’s needs and preferences. Namely, boxes should be tailored to your dog’s size, allergy profile, chew style, and other characteristics. Finally, we like to see subscription plans that are flexible and affordable, providing good value for your money. Below you can find more details about the boxes that made it to our top list.



100% Natural Treats For Adventurous Dogs

BarkBox subscription

Committed to satisfying each individual dog’s preferences, BarkBox is a highly popular subscription service that delivers a box full of goodies for your furry companion to enjoy each month. With over 2,000,000 dogs already served, the company is constantly increasing its customer base.

If you opt for one of the BarkBox subscriptions, you get to surprise your pooch every month with exciting new toys and healthy treats. Every BarkBox contains at least 2 unique toys, 2 high-quality bags of treats, and a chew. The treats included in the boxes are all-natural and never contain wheat, corn, or soy. The toys are made of high-quality materials.

New subscribers are asked to provide the name and size of their dog and state whether their furry companion is allergic to beef, chicken or turkey. BarkBox prepares different boxes for small, medium, and large dogs and offers special allergy-friendly BarkBoxes for dogs with allergies. The prices are the same regardless of the answers you give.

The monthly subscription costs $35 per box. With the six-month subscription, which costs $29 per box, your pooch will get some extra toys. If you choose to subscribe for six months, you get the first box for just $5 with the current promotion. Bear in mind that, when you subscribe, you are committing to the full length of the plan and your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it. Shipping is free of charge inside the contiguous 48 United States.

BarkBox subscription box

If your dog is a relentless chewer and typically tears his toys apart, BarkBox offers SuperChewer boxes that include more durable toys. The SuperChewer subscriptions are more expensive ($39 per box for the monthly subscription, $36 per box for the three-month subscription, and $34 per box for the six-month subscription), but they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if any toy is destroyed, BarkBox will send you a new one free of charge.

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Kettle-Cooked Meals For Your Gourmet Canine

petplate subscription box

PetPlate delivers high-quality, freshly cooked meals for dogs. PetPlate’s meal plans are developed by a veterinary nutritionist and tailored to each dog’s individual needs. The facility where the food is prepared conforms to all the standards set by the USDA. PetPlate uses only quality, human-grade ingredients. Its meals are made with meats, fruits, and vegetables and never contain rendered meats or by-products, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Apart from being healthy, the meals are extremely tasty and PetPlate guarantees that dogs will lick their plates clean.

Every new subscriber has to answer several questions related to their dog’s sex, age, breed, current and ideal weight, and activity levels. Based on the answers, PetPlate calculates how many calories the dog needs per day. PetPlate offers meals with chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb. You can choose some or all of the four recipes offered.

Next, you select one of the two plans: the Full Meal Plan or the Topper Plan. The Full Meal Plan will satisfy all your dog’s nutritional needs. No other food or supplements are required, as the meals contain all the necessary nutrients, including PetPlate’s proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals. The Topper Plan is designed for those who want to combine PetPlate meals with other food. All first orders come with a 50% discount. In addition, you get a 100% money-back guarantee on your first box, which means that you will get a full refund if your dog does not like the food.

petplate dog and meal

PetPlate meals are flash-frozen to preserve freshness and packed in pre-portioned containers that make serving easy. The company delivers its boxes throughout the continental US and shipping is always free. The price of the boxes depends on numerous factors, but here are the daily price ranges for dogs of different sizes: $2.50-$4.75 for small dogs, $6-$8 for medium dogs, $9-$13 for large dogs, and $16-$19 for extra large dogs.

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Chewtastic Treats For Your Best Pal

PupJoy box subscription

PupJoy brings you boxes full of wonderful surprises for your dog. The company partners with the best independent manufacturers to provide your furry companion with exciting toys and other goodies of the highest quality.

This award-winning company carefully selects the best products for your pooch so you do not have to spend time shopping around for dog toys and treats. PupJoy boxes are tailored to each dog’s individual preferences. Let’s you have an unstoppable chewer on your hands or your pooch suffers from food allergies. Maybe your dog does not like treats at all and only wants toys. Whatever your situation may be, PupJoy has the right box for you and delivers it at a price that is significantly lower than its retail value.

PupJoy lets you choose between the standard PupJoy Box and the Power Chewers Box, which contains the toughest toys for your relentless little chewer. No matter which box you choose, you have various options to customize its content. In addition, you can choose how often you want to receive your delivery: monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Depending on the options you select, the price per box will vary from $26 to 44$. Shipping is free in the US.

PupJoy box

The company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you can replace any item from your dog’s box that you are not satisfied with. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. The company provides prorated refunds on pre-paid plans.

The PupJoy’s online shop offers a wide range of dog goodies, ranging from toys and treats to grooming products and various travel accessories. Furthermore, various gift options are available on the company website.

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Delight Your Pooch & Help Furry Fellas In Need

RescueBox cat and box

RescueBox provides boxes of toys, treats, and chews for your dog or cat to enjoy. Not only do you get to surprise your pet with a wonderful gift but you also get the opportunity to help animals in need.

Each box contains a unique, premium selection of pet goodies hand-selected by RescueBox’s team of passionate pet enthusiasts. The service offers 4 types of boxes: for small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, and cats. No matter which box you choose, the price of the subscription is the same. You can opt for the monthly subscription, priced at $29.95 per box, or choose to pay ahead for 3, 6 or 12 months, in which case you pay $27.95, $25.45, or $23.45 per box, respectively. All subscriptions will automatically renew unless you cancel. Shipping is free within the continental US.

RescueBox subscription box

The prices are very reasonable, especially if you consider that the retail value of each box is more than $40. However, what makes RescueBoxes truly special is the fact that you make a meaningful impact with every single box you order. With the help of its charitable partners, RescueBox provides food and vaccines to animals in need all over the US. For every month you subscribe, the company will donate 5 pounds of food and 2 vaccines to pet shelters. Thus, not only will you make your pet happy with each RescueBox delivery, but you will also provide some much-needed support to other cats and dogs, make them healthier and happier, and increase their chances of finding a forever home.

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Spoil Your Pet With Fully Customized Gift Sets

PoochPerks boxes

PoochPerks, a subscription service that sends out boxes full of premium dog goodies, offers you a fun and convenient way to pamper your furry companion. All products inside PoochPerks subscription boxes are of premium quality. Each box contains toys, treats, and chews, hand-picked by the company’s team. PoochPerks sources treats exclusively from US manufacturers.

Subscribers have multiple options to customize their boxes according to their dogs’ preferences. PoochPerks offers boxes for small, medium, and large dogs – and it even has a mixed-sized box for households with two or more dogs of different sizes. PoochPerks wants to know if your dog suffers from food allergies so that it can select the appropriate treats to put in your box.

Three subscription plans are available. The Popular Pooch boxes, starting at $23.75, contain 2 to 3 toys, 2 treats, and a chew. The Custom Pooch plan, starting at $18.45, gives you the most options to customize your boxes. You can choose to receive toys and treats or only treats, pick the kind of treats your dog will receive, and decide whether you want plush or durable toys. With these two plans, you can choose whether you want to receive your box every month, every two months or every three months.

PoochPerks subscription box

Finally, with the Pampered Pooch plan, which starts at $45 per box, you will receive monthly boxes with 3 to 4 toys, 3 treats, a chew, and an accessory. Apart from subscriptions, PoochPerks also offers gift boxes, which include a gift card with your message on it, and sells individual products through its online store. For most products and monthly box plans, you have to pay a shipping charge of $2 anywhere in the USA.

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Dapper Dog Box

Fun-Filled Monthly Surprise For A Trendy Pup

Dapper Dog Box subscription

Dapper Dog Box sends out boxes full of dog toys, treats, and accessories each month. Coming with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Dapper Dog Boxes will bring you many happy moments with your best furry friend.

Each box typically includes two treats, two toys, and one bandana. The combined retail value of these items is $60, but you get them for way less. The service provides all-natural treats, mainly sourced from small business owners in the USA. Most of the treats are organic or grain-free and they never contain artificial preservatives or fillers. Dapper Dog Box is probably the only subscription box for dogs that includes bandanas. Every month you will receive a trendy bandana that will make your pooch look super cool.

If you opt for the monthly subscription, you pay $35 each month. The three-month subscription costs $90, which amounts to $30 per box, the six-month subscription comes with a price tag of $162 ($27 per box), and the twelve-month subscription costs $300 ($25 per box). Subscribers can choose between boxes for extra small, small to medium or large to extra large dogs. If your dog is allergic to wheat, chicken or beef, Dapper Dog Box will provide treats that do not contain these ingredients. No matter which plan you choose, shipping is always free in the USA. It is possible to skip a delivery, make changes in your plan or cancel your subscription at any time.

Dapper Dog Box

You can also purchase a one-time box instead of a subscription. Special gift boxes are available in the company’s online store. To help animals in need, the company donates a portion of sales from every purchased subscription to rescues and shelters across the USA.

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Personalized Dog Fashion & Essentials Box

shaggyswag subscription box

ShaggySwag subscription boxes provide the perfect monthly supply of dog toys, treats, and accessories. This popular service offers plenty of options that allow you to fully customize your monthly deliveries.

ShaggySwag offers three customizable plans, each of which can be purchased as a month-to-month or 3-month subscription. A ShaggySwag box costs $28 per month or $75 if you choose to pay for 3 months in advance. It contains two toys, two treats, and a chew. If your dog is a heavy chewer, you should probably opt for the ShaggyShredders box, priced at $38 per month (or $110 for a 3-month subscription). This box differs from a standard ShaggySwag box in that it contains highly durable toys. Finally, you can select the ShaggyStyle box, which will bring you one outfit of your choice, plus a plush toy and a bag of treats. It costs $32 per month (or $90 if you opt for a 3-month subscription). The treats are all-natural and sourced from US providers.

After you choose your base box, ShaggySwag offers you a wide variety of useful add-ons at discounted prices. Bear in mind that all add-on products you choose will auto-renew along with your base subscription, but you can turn them on or off anytime you want. To further customize your box, you can select the size of your dog (tiny, small, medium or large) and answer some question about food allergies. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you can exclude treats and choose to receive only toys.

shaggyswag subscription dog boxes

In addition, as a ShaggySwag subscriber, you get special offers and quarterly gift cards. You can update, pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Shipping is free in the USA.

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VetPet Box

Vet-Made Solution For Your Dog’s Wellness

VetPet Box dog subscription box

VetPet Box is a subscription service created by veterinarians with the aim to provide expert support in the day-to-day care of your dog or cat. The VetPet network of veterinarians is dedicated to educating pet owners and improving the health of their pets.

Each monthly VetPet Box is delivered to your door filled with durable toys, nutritious treats, accessories, wellness products, and useful educational materials. Hand-picked by the VetPet team, all the items included in the box are of the highest quality. Treats are made in the USA or Canada and they are carefully selected to fit your pet’s allergy profile. All wellness products, such as supplements, shampoo, toothpaste, ear flush, and others, are vet-approved and designed to enable you to provide the best preventative care to your pet. You also get vet-authored educational materials that will help you understand various topics related to your pet’s health and provide you with information about common health problems so that you can recognize the relevant symptoms on time.

New subscribers are asked to provide some information about their pets so that the VetPet team can tailor each monthly box to individual needs and preferences of every cat or dog. Among other things, you will be asked to provide details about your pet’s allergies and chew/playstyle and the VetPet team will use your answers to select the appropriate treats and toys for your pet. You can update any part of your pet’s profile later from your account page.

The price of the VetPet Box for dogs depends on your dog’s size. There are boxes for petite, small, medium, large and giant dogs, with prices starting from $35, $39, $41, $44, and $44 for each box, respectively. VetPet Box provides Single Cat and Multi Cat boxes. The price of the Single Cat box starts form $35 and the price of the Multi Cat box, which is suitable for households with 2 or more cats, starts from $41. Whichever of these options you select, you can choose between month-to-month, 3-month or 6-month subscriptions.

VetPet Box subscription box

Shipping is free inside the contiguous US. If you are not satisfied with any of the products you receive, you may return it and the company will send you a replacement item in your next box.

You can also purchase the VetPet Box subscription as a gift. Unlike standard subscriptions, gift subscriptions do not automatically renew.

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Surprise My Pet

Fun, Tasty & Chewy Gift For Your Buddy

Surprise My Pet dog boxes

Surprise My Pet is a family-owned service that will deliver a pet subscription box to your door every month. Each box brings you a monthly supply of high-quality pet goodies. The service offers boxes for both cats and dogs. Surprise My Pet boxes typically contain 5 to 7 hand-picked items. You will receive nutritious, all-natural treats and chews, made in the USA, as well as fun toys that will keep your furry companion actively engaged. The service may even include a picture of your pet on the insert card that arrives in each box. The combined retail value of these items is significantly higher than the price you pay as a subscriber.

Different boxes are provided for tiny, small, medium and large dogs, but the price is the same. If you choose the monthly subscription, you pay $30 every month. The 3-month subscription costs $84, which amounts to $28 per box. With the yearly subscription, which costs $312 ($26 per box), you can save over 13%.

Surprise My Pet subscription box

For cat lovers, Surprise My Pet offers Single-Cat Family and Multi-Cat Family boxes. The Single-Cat box costs $30 with a monthly subscription. If you have 2 or more cats, Multi-Cat boxes, which cost $37 per month, may be the right choice for you. You can save some money if you pay in advance for 3 or 12 months. Shipping is free in the USA with all subscription plans.

Surprise My Pet donates a part of its profits to pet-focused charities. As a subscriber, you can submit a charity in your local area to be considered for a donation.

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Pet Treater

Budget-Friendly Monthly Dog Box

Pet-Treater box

Pet Treater is a monthly subscription service delivering affordable boxes full of exciting pet goodies. The Pet Treater team is committed to providing quality products with the best pricing, so you can be sure you will get good value for your money if you choose to subscribe. The service guarantees that each box they send is worth far more than the price of their subscription plan.

While the contents of your box will vary month to month, Pet Treater typically includes items such as treats and toys, plus some accessories and grooming supplies. The company’s goal is to provide a great combination of fun and practical pet products in every box. After you subscribe, you can fill out your pet’s profile and add any special requests you might have regarding your order. For instance, you may inform Pet Treater about your pet’s allergies so that they know which treats to include in your box.

Pet Treater offers two types of boxes for dogs. The price of the Dog Pack is $15 per month. This box contains 3 to 4 items (toys, treats, and extra goodies). You also have the option to receive only treats or only toys. The Deluxe Dog Pack, which contains 5 to 8 items, costs $25 per month. Boxes are tailored to your dog’s size.

When it comes to cats, Pet Treater offers the Cat Pack box, priced at $15 per month, with 3 to 4 hand-picked items. If you have more than one feline companion, you may choose the Multi-Cat Pack, which costs $25 and contains 5 to 8 items.

Pet Treater subscription box

For those who want to try out one of its boxes, Pet Treater offers a one-time purchase option. Gift subscriptions are also available and they do not renew automatically. In addition, the company’s online store features an interesting selection of pet goodies.

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Making your dog happy has never been so simple. With a new batch of awesome dog items arriving at your door every month, you and your furry friend will have a blast. Now that you have examined our top picks in more detail, we hope you have found the box that best suits your own criteria. If you have, do not hesitate to try it out. Your pooch undoubtedly deserves to be pampered and this is one of the best ways to do it.

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